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Here is the first launch art for Doctor Who Series 7.

Here’s the description:

The image shows Amy Pond being carried by an injured, grim-faced Doctor. They’re both surrounded by Daleks that have been encountered during different eras of the Time Lord’s travels.

A Dalek on the right of the picture does not have any of the vertical grille-like slats that have become a familiar feature, indicating it’s a version the Doctor faced when he first met his oldest enemies on Skaro. And on the left there’s a Special Weapons Dalek, last seen in the 1988 story, Remembrance of the Daleks.

It’s a fiery and exciting sign of what’s to come in the new series!

Speculate away….

We also have the launch trailer for Series 7 coming in six hours so tuck this blog away in its own tab and come back at 6am UK time/1am EDT/10pm PDT

Here’s a direct download for a very big version of the image

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